Encouraging Your Significant Other to Embrace a Healthy, Orange Lifestyle

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, use these tips to gently coach your loved one to start embracing fitness and a healthy lifestyle with you at Orangetheory Fitness in Chicago-Edgewater, IL.

You’ve already aligned your own fitness goals with your New Year’s Resolutions. Wouldn’t you love your loved one to start working out at Orangetheory Fitness Chicago-Edgewater with you and embracing a healthier lifestyle too? Let your heart beat orange this Valentine’s Day. Use these tips to gently coach your partner toward the Orange Zone. The couple that burns together stays together.

Commend your partner’s healthy behaviors. Everyone makes healthy choices and unhealthy choices, so focus on the positive. Putting someone down with negative comments about weight, appearance, and unhealthiness can reduce feelings of self-worth and diminish motivation to make healthy decisions like working out more. Instead of being negative, use positive reinforcement to encourage the types of behavior you hope to see more of.

Brag. Don’t nag. Nagging produces resistance—and not the good kind of resistance that will help you get in the orange zone during a TRX workout here at Orangetheory Fitness! Instead of telling your partner what to do, show him or her what to do. Wear your smile home from Orangetheory Fitness Chicago-Edgewater and talk about the parts of the workout you loved and how great you feel. Set an example and be the role model. Confidence and happiness are attractive and desirable, so it won’t be long before your significant other notices your glimmering mood and wants to try the same thing you seem to be enjoying so much.

Find out what barriers are getting in the way. Your spouse or partner might feel pressed for time because of parental responsibilities, or perhaps they’re having trouble dealing with stress at work. Whether it means adjusting your schedule, offering more emotional support, or even suggesting an Orangetheory workout as a way to cope, sometimes you can help find a solution for whatever it is that’s been standing in health’s way.

Encourage small steps. Sure, you know your partner needs to make some changes to his or her eating habits and add way more exercise into the mix, but trying to change everything all at once is overwhelming and a recipe for failure. Start by suggesting just one day—just one hour—a week to go to an Orangetheory session together. Give it time. Add another session. Give that time. Propose a small change in one meal. Then another. And another. Be patient; slow and steady wins the race.
If all goes well, it won’t be long before we start seeing you and your loved one working out together here at Orangetheory Fitness here in Chicago-Edgewater, IL! Loving someone can be a lot of work when you’re the one watching out for his or her health, so we commend you for taking on the job. But it won’t go unrewarded! Statistics show that people who work out with a partner are more likely to achieve their own fitness goals.

From the staff here at Orangetheory Chicago-Edgewater, here’s to a loving (and healthy) Valentine’s Day to you and that special someone!


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